Roxxi Laveaux - The Bald Knockout

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If you missed TNA Sacrifice then you missed one hell of a show. The Knockouts excelled in an entertaining battle royal - we'll exclude Traci from the mix as her elimination was pathetic. Roxxi & Gail outlasted all of the other women and battled it out in a bloody ladder match for the chance to face Awesome Kong for the Knockouts Championship. Sadly for Roxxi she wasn't destined to win the ladder bout and was left bald - thanks to the Beautiful People. The devious Angelina & Velvet took great delight in assisting Gail alongside laughing their asses off as Roxxi was shaved bald.

This week on iMPACT fans will get to see a night of revenge as Roxxi joins forces with the uncontrollable ODB to battle the Beautiful People in a tag team match. What will happen when the voodoo queen gets her hands on Angelina & Velvet? Sparks will certainly fly this Thursday!!!

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