New Women's Champion!

The match got under way with Melina delivering a kick to Candice's mid-section and then another to her head. Candice then managed to trip Melina up with a drop toehold and then threw her into the corner. She then went for an early Candylicious leglock, but Melina was able to break out of it and knock Candice to the apron with a kick to her back. Melina then climbed out of the ring and dragged the brunette back into it by her head whilst she had it in an improvised leglock.

Melina then dragged Candice to her feet again, but quickly took her down with a kick to her back which yielded a one-count. Melina then followed up with a headbutt and a knee to the mid-section at the turnbuckle. She then employed another improvised leglock when she sat on the top rope and choked Candice with her legs.

She then tried to throw Candice around a bit on the mat, but this only gave Candice the opportunity to go for a roll up and get a two-count. In retaliation, Melina slammed Candice to the mat and placed her in a bow and arrow lock which backfired somewhat as it gave Candice a chance to go for a lateral press pin when she was released from it.

The match continued with Melina delivering a series of elbows followed by another choke at the ropes. She then went for a running clothesline, but Candice was able to dodge this and send Melina tumbling to the outside. When Melina climbed back into the ring, Candice was quick to throw her off the ropes and into a powerslam, followed by her Godaddy elbow drop, which gave her another two-count.

Both Divas got to their feet again, and after bouncing off the rope to gain momentum, Candice took Melina down with a slam to the mat, followed by another unsuccessful pin attempt. Melina then fought back with an eye rake and a reverse neckbreaker before going for her a pin attempt of her own.

Melina then dragged Candice to her feet and threw her to the ropes. Candice ducked a clothesline, and then came back hard with her spinning wheel kick for the three count and the win, thus making her the new Women's champion!

It was an impressive match and an impressive victory, but the real question is now whether Candice has the goods to be able to defend her recently acquired title against the rest of the division. I guess we may begin to find out after tonight's RAW.

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