Beth Phoenix Is Not Enough: What the WWE Must Do to Save Women's Wrestling

Whether she was wrenching on her opponent's arm or pounding a woman's collarbone with a forearm shot, Sherri Martel often growled like an animal in the ring. This sound was that of a predator, a vicious and merciless tiger baring its teeth...

WWE Night of Champions 2011: WWE Diva Blasts Fellow Divas on Twitter

Something fishy is going on in the WWE Divas division.

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen publish an article ripping on “Barbie doll” Divas such as the Bella twins and the Divas of Doom—Beth Phoenix and Natalya—criticize Kelly Kelly and her wrestling ability, or lack thereof.

Now, it’s Rosa Mendes’ turn to rip her co-workers.

The not-so-talented, hardly-ever-seen Diva has been going crazy on Twitter as of late, primarily to blast the WWE’s so-called “rookie” Divas.

Ric Flair Hospitalized

Ric Flair is currently in the hospital, recovering from injuries suffered in the recent domestic dispute with wife Jacqueline Beems. No weapons were used in the attack, but at the time when police arrived, Flair refused treatment. Flair's agent Melinda Morris Zanoni, offered up the following statement…

"Ric and his wife had an unfortunate disagreement late last night, which led to his wife being arrested and charged with assault. Ric has done nothing wrong. The important thing to remember here is that we have some very exciting professional announcements in the near future. Ric finds this incident unsettling and is committed to correcting any issues in his personal life".