On Tonight's WWE SmackDown!.........


Michelle McCool and Cherry will battle Victoria and Maryse in a ......Water Balloon match?
Okay....a Water Balloon match.......WWE is wrestling right? Or has it turned its women's wrestling division into some bad Nickelodeon Game Show?
BTW, Diva Search Winner Eve will be the special referee.
I guess This will all lead up to the Playboy Bunny Lumberjack match at Wrestlemania.



More WWE Diva Mickie James


I hadn't done WWE RAW Diva Mickie James in awhile, so I thought I'd post these pics. I't looks like kind of a retro shoot, with her dressed more like the "old school" women wrestlers.
As far as I'm concerened, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Melina and Victoria are the WWE's most talented female wrestlers.

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Natalya vs.Cherry on WWE Smackdown!


Natalya vs.Cherry on WWE Smackdown!

Natalya (Nattie Neidhart) picked up a win last night on WWE's Smackdown! defeating Cherry.
The cool thing to me is Nattie, sorry, Natalya, using the Sharp Shooter for the win.


Michelle McCool versus Trish Stratus

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Now according to the WWE, Michelle McCool has beaten Trish Stratus in queries online.
I don't really see how, considering Trish is getting HUGE buzz over her new Travel Channel show.
And her yoga, and showing up on RAW again.
Okay, the RAW thing was just one night but still.

Anyway, MY stats still show Trish WAY over Michelle. By a big margin.

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Former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall Expecting

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Well, Former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall, 24, is due to give birth soon.
And the childs father is her boyfriend Bobby Lashley!
That's the reason Lashley didn't want to make any long-term commitments, because it would put him on the road too much.
I really respect that out of Bobby,he loves wrestling, but he loves his family more.
And the WWE talks about role models. They had one, well two right there.
I wish them both, well all three, the best.
The image “http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/4142/simplylusciouswrestlingcl4.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Name: Simply Luscious
Real Name: Veronica (Ronnie) Stevens
Birthday: July 19, 1973
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Marital Status: Divorced
Height & Weight: 5'5" - 130 lbs
Trained by: Rudy Boy Gonzales, Shawn Michaels, Dory Funk Jr
Pro Wrestling Debut: 2000
Previous Gimmicks: Simply Luscious (Indys), Nurse Veronica (TNA)
Finishing Wrestling Move: Luscious Landing (Dudley Dog)
Favorite Moves: Springboard Elbow, Tarantula, Twist of Fate

Veronica "Ronnie" Stevens, better known by her ring name, Simply Luscious, is a female wrestler who works on the independent circuit.

Stevens studied karate and ballet before getting into wrestling. She became the only female graduate of the Shawn Michaels' Texas Wrestling Academy, where she trained along with Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Matt Bentley and Bryan Danielson. She made her in-ring debut against Chris Marvel in San Antonio, Texas, under the name Simply Luscious, a name she supposedly got from her ex-husband, hockey player Ryan Pisiak.

Maria - The Queen of Hearts


Maria recently attended a wild Alice in Wonderland themed charity bash for a Chicago Theatre Company. Supposedly dressed as the Queen of Hearts (TNA's Salina's did it better), the former Playboy Covergirl was auctioned out for $5,000 ($20,000 less than a night with Ashley) in exchange for a blind date.

Hopefully they gave her a cut of the $5,000 to buy herself a bra.

Vickie Guerrero - The Shining Star

Did you order Judgment Day 2008? We hope you did as it was an awesome show with several competitive bouts. The crowd was a little dull for the majority of the show but they truly showed their love (or hate?) for the Queen of SmackDown!

The delightful Vickie Guerrero received a monstrous pop from the LIVE crowd when she decided to interrupt the Undertaker. Vickie's pop was so huge it prevented her from actually cutting a promo. The fans were wild for the sultry Latina. In all honesty she was booed but the booing pop was deaf-defining and she really was the most over heel character of the night. Here's what Anthony Giacovelli had to say about the show (he attended): -

I’ve never been a part of such an insanely loud atmosphere against a single person. It was amazing to be a part of. It looked like Vickie was ready to cry after the fifth or sixth time she got cut off and they kept getting louder each time. Big time serious heat for Vickie.

Vickie Guerrero is one of the most over characters right now - last night proved it. Not only does she continually develop her heel character but she really knows how to get under the skin of her target audience. Is it time the general manager (and her entourage) moved over to RAW? That brand is seriously lacking some insanely popular heel characters.

Kelly Kelly - The Brisbane Interview



From high school cheerleader to aspiring journalist to saucy World Wrestling star, Kelly Kelly's career has followed a varied path - to say the least.

The star will join fellow wrestlers including John Cena and Randy Orton on a WWE tour across Australia in June.

Kelly found her way into wrestling via modelling while she in college studying to become a broadcast journalist, with hopes of becoming a TV anchor.

"I love [wrestling], I just love every day of it," she said.

"WWE contacted me through my modelling agency and they knew I had an athletic background so they sent me down to Atlanta, Georgia where they kicked my butt for a week straight and asked me if I wanted a job at the end of it."

At high school Kelly did gymnastics for 10 years until an injury forced her into cheerleading.

"I still get to use some of my moves so that's pretty good," she said.

Living the life of a professional wrestler working in one of the world's most high-profile pursuits is difficult, she said, with an almost constant training schedule and travel around the United States and overseas.

"Even on my off days now I'm still training, so I try to get into the ring and learn different stuff," she said.

WrestleMania dreams realized and reborn

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ORLANDO, Fla. – There is still something to be said for being able to reach a dream. In an age of compromise filled with hardships and hurdles; mountain after endless mountain; realizing your greatest desire is an honor beyond words. Nevertheless, WWE.com went on a search for those words, catching up with several Superstars preparing for WrestleMania, some for the first time, others after a long road back.

Being asked about her first appearance on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix showed an uncharacteristic soft side. Taking a moment to pause before answering, she explained, “It’s a really emotional time for me … winning the Women’s Championship was one thing, but to walk into WrestleMania wearing the gold, that’s probably the most highly anticipated moment of my life.”

However, her change of attitude was short-lived. When asked what she thought of her BunnyMania opponents, her arrogance quickly returned. Her face went cold as she commented simply, “I’m looking to make my WrestleMania record perfect, and I’m going to start on March 30.” If The Glamazon’s record leading to the Citrus Bowl is any indication, she is sure to reach her goal.

When asked about his first involvement, one half of the World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes was hardly able to contain his excitement. “It is the be-all, end-all of pro wrestling and … what a pro wrestler dreams of. What a sports-entertainer dreams of is being in that main event, and personally, for me, I’m 22 years old and I couldn’t be more excited!” With any luck, Rhodes will be able to capitalize on that excitement during the 24-Man Battle Royal and earn himself an ECW Championship opportunity.

But, what about those who have already experienced the big dance time and time again? Well, for two main event Superstars who have made comebacks from major injuries to reach The Granddaddy of Them All, a return to WrestleMania is that much sweeter. Triple H described his frustration about being out of action, explaining, “You sit behind the curtain and you’re watching the main event, knowing that was your spot and you wonder, ‘Am I ever going to get there again?’ ” After getting a taste of his beloved championship at No Mercy and reigning supreme at Hell in a Cell, the answer is clearly a resounding “yes.”

The Game didn’t limit his comments to himself, attempting to put into words the importance of a post-injury WrestleMania to his fellow challenger as well. “Cena’s a mutant, basically. I mean to tear your pec and be back 100 percent … John was hell bent on not missing WrestleMania and came back earlier than doctors ever thought he could — probably earlier than anybody ever has. Hats off to John Cena.”

Whether you are walking down that aisle for the first time, or after you thought you might not walk down it again, WrestleMania is truly the stuff that dreams are made of.

Real life twins in WWE Divas


New divas are additional to WWE divas tent finished period WWE diva see or WWE heads constitute them. This instance digit divas module tie WWE tent and unequalled abstract in it is that they are actual chronicle twins.

The Garcia Twins, Nicole and Brianna were terminal year’s diva see participants but not healthy to transfer origin rounds. But today things hit been denaturized and these digit are effort upbringing before they module be formally introduced to WWE divas camp.

These actual chronicle twins are undergoing upbringing for challenges aweigh of them because haw me tangled in artefact of underway WWE women’s endorse Candice Michelle. It takes whatever instance before these match divas module be at flooded wind with their skills. After whatever instance these digit module sure attain racket and add more alter to WWE divas corner. At inform divas particular is amassed on Candice Michelle, Melina, Torrie bugologist and Victoria, but with the incoming of these digit divas whatever another module be presented walking orders soon.

Natti Neidhart Delay

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Teddy Hart was fired by the WWE yesterday, which means the debut of the new Hart Foundation on Smackdown! has be scrapped.
This also means that Nattie won't be appearing soon either.
Teddy has always been a loose cannon so it's really no suprise.
But I hate taht Nattie wont be involved in a WWE storyline any time soon.
A Natti Neidhart / Beth Phoenix feud would be awesome.

Alexa Jade

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Alexa (Thatcher) Jade
Real Name: Wendy ????
Hometown: Fords, New Jersey
Marital Status: Dating Corvis Fear
Height & Weight: 5'5"
Trained by: Corvis Fear,The Soul Brothers,Skinhead Ivan,Jay Lethal,Azrieal

The daughter of Les Thatcher, Alexa may be looking at a TNA contract soon.

WWE Diva Candice Michelle News

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WWE Diva Candice Michelle was named one of the E! Network's 20 Hottest Women of the Web. Candice came in at #13 out of all the women online.
Also getting the Candice PR machine running is the BunnyMania match at WrestleMania.
:: sigh ::
Candice Michelle and Maria Kanellis will face Melina and Beth Phoenix.
Snoop Dogg has signed on to act as master of ceremonies during the match.
:: waits for it to get worse :::
Sorry it's actually a "Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjack Match"
So that means they get to trot out the ECW and SmackDown! Divas they rarely use.

WWE Diva Torrie Wilson News

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Despite her back injury, WWE Diva Torrie Wilson is still making appearnces for the WWE.

Her store is still open IRL and online.
Its Offically Jaded, Men's and Women's Clothing Boutique. Located at Market Street, in The Woodlands, TX.
Hopefully she'll be back in the ring and wrestling soon.

Former WWE Diva and wrestler Chyna

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Former WWE Diva and wrestler Chyna recently underwent breast reduction surgery. I think maybe she's getting away from the WWE/Hollywood glitz and trying to live a normal life.
Chris Jericho was none too kind to her on a recent ESPN Radio 1250 with Mark Madden, saying she was too busy being drunk and high all the time. Although he did say that Chyna’s intercontinental title run was a great angle.
Despite all this, Chyna has been in 3 movies in the past two years, Cougar Club, Illegal Aliens and Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy.
I wish her luck and hope she finally finds what she wants.

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Updates

Ashley Massaro took Candice’s spot at WrestleMania, since Candice was sidelined.
Ashley has potiental. Look at Candice Michelle and how far she's come.

Lots of TNA Knockouts tonight on TNA

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Most of the members of the TNA Knockouts roster will be in action this Thursday night.
Gail Kim, ODB, Christy Hemme , Rhaka Khan, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Salinas, Jacqueline and Roxxi Laveaux are all scheduled to appear.
No Ms.Brooks?
Jim Cornette will be having a meeting with all the TNA Knockouts beforehand, so the match must be something special.

BTW, have you noticed that the Knockouts seem to have less injuries than the WWE Divas?
Maybe the wrestling schedule, or maybe because most, if not all these ladies, came into TNA knowing how to wrestle?

sexy looking Sania Mirza


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Born in Hyderabad Sania Mirza started playing tennis at the age of 6. Her father Imran, is a builder and mother, Naseema, works in printing business. She also one sister, Anam. She's a big fan of the movie Ocean's 11 and her favorite actors are Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant.

She loves listening to Hindi Remixes and Hip hop, including Eminem. Other then tennis she also likes swimming and playing cricket. Also is a big admirer of Gandhi. Sania won the Wimbledon Championships Girls' Doubles title in 2003, teaming up with Alisa Kleybanova of Russia. She got a wild card entry to the 2005 Australian Open and created history by becoming the first Indian woman to enter the third round of a Grand Slam tournament. She lost in the 3rd round to eventual champion Serena Williams. On February 12, 2005, she became the first Indian woman to win a WTA singles title defeating Alyona Bondarenko of Ukraine in the Hyderabad Open Finals.

Roxxi Laveaux - The Bald Knockout

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If you missed TNA Sacrifice then you missed one hell of a show. The Knockouts excelled in an entertaining battle royal - we'll exclude Traci from the mix as her elimination was pathetic. Roxxi & Gail outlasted all of the other women and battled it out in a bloody ladder match for the chance to face Awesome Kong for the Knockouts Championship. Sadly for Roxxi she wasn't destined to win the ladder bout and was left bald - thanks to the Beautiful People. The devious Angelina & Velvet took great delight in assisting Gail alongside laughing their asses off as Roxxi was shaved bald.

This week on iMPACT fans will get to see a night of revenge as Roxxi joins forces with the uncontrollable ODB to battle the Beautiful People in a tag team match. What will happen when the voodoo queen gets her hands on Angelina & Velvet? Sparks will certainly fly this Thursday!!!

Torrie Willson - Addressing the Fans


Well, I guess by now you have heard the news that I have severed my ties to the WWE. I would like to say that I have enjoyed 7 awesome years with the WWE and wouldn't trade any of my experiences for anything in the world. I have seen more places and met more friends and wonderful fans than I ever dreamed of when I pretty much fell into this business. From the very first time I stepped out into a packed arena, I was hooked on that adrenaline rush and knew that I would be around for a while. I really did fall in love with everything about wrestling and I can tell you all that I feel so absolutely honored to have spent the time I did working for Vince McCmahon and his family and having the opportunity to work with so many really talented and genuine superstars.

You probably have heard about my ongoing back problems and it may even seem crazy....I mean, I wasn't exactly wrestling every single week on television but I was wrestling at least 3 days per week on non-televised shows....as well as practicing more than it appeared! I just believe that sometimes people's bodies can handle more than others and mine is finally telling me it has had enough! It might seem weird, but my thoughts in the last few months have been that if I can't deliver beyond my expectations and I can't continue to grow as a superstar...well, what exactly am I going to do? I may not be remembered for my "wrestling skills", but I damn sure can tell you that anyone that knows me well knows that I don't do sitting around too well.

I can't begin to tell all of you how much your support over the years has meant to me and I really want you to know that I am not going to disappear...I am just on to a different chapter of my life and career at this point. I love you all and hope that you know that I will always see the positive in every situation. NOTHING can slow me down and I hope that nothing slows any of you down either...we just have to always look at everyday as a blessing and remember that everything happens for a reason! Thanks for an unbelievable 7 years and I will see you soon!

Beth vs. Melina - Are You Happy?

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If you missed last night's edition of RAW then you missed out on one brutal backstage segment - brutal as in punishing rather than sucky. Beth Phoenix & Melina (former friends) finally came to blows over various issues ranging from Melina costing Beth the title to Beth walking out on Melina during a tag team contest.

The Glamazon taunted Melina to which Melina responded with a viscious A-list slap to the face. Beth was never one to stand by and taking a slappin' so she naturally responded in her own unique way - violently slamming Melina repeatedly against some lockers. Are we going back to school here? Anyways are you happen with this brand spanking new rivalry? We certainly are!!!

Ashley Massaro - She Apparently Rocks

You just knew it would only be a matter of time before WWE.com unleashed another Ashley Massaro photo shoot. Well the web giants unleashed it a few hours ago and it's already the talk of the net. Unfortunately we didn't get a street hooker-themed photo shoot (or even a slutty one) but rather something far more tame.

Ashley's newest photo shoot basically consists of her wearing an under-sized white top that shows off her enormously pushed up prized assets. She apparently loves dirty rocker boys - or so her shirt would lead you to believe. RHD totally digs Ashley's thong poses, which must be a homage to Lita? Ashley's role model? Sadly most of the photos feature Ashley posing with awful facial expressions. You're either stuck with the constipation look, the bored look, or a lame pouting look. Ashley you need to show off those lovely teeth and give a genuine smile. We REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the somewhat innocent look from 2005!!!


New Women's Champion!


The match got under way with Melina delivering a kick to Candice's mid-section and then another to her head. Candice then managed to trip Melina up with a drop toehold and then threw her into the corner. She then went for an early Candylicious leglock, but Melina was able to break out of it and knock Candice to the apron with a kick to her back. Melina then climbed out of the ring and dragged the brunette back into it by her head whilst she had it in an improvised leglock.

Melina then dragged Candice to her feet again, but quickly took her down with a kick to her back which yielded a one-count. Melina then followed up with a headbutt and a knee to the mid-section at the turnbuckle. She then employed another improvised leglock when she sat on the top rope and choked Candice with her legs.

She then tried to throw Candice around a bit on the mat, but this only gave Candice the opportunity to go for a roll up and get a two-count. In retaliation, Melina slammed Candice to the mat and placed her in a bow and arrow lock which backfired somewhat as it gave Candice a chance to go for a lateral press pin when she was released from it.

The match continued with Melina delivering a series of elbows followed by another choke at the ropes. She then went for a running clothesline, but Candice was able to dodge this and send Melina tumbling to the outside. When Melina climbed back into the ring, Candice was quick to throw her off the ropes and into a powerslam, followed by her Godaddy elbow drop, which gave her another two-count.

Both Divas got to their feet again, and after bouncing off the rope to gain momentum, Candice took Melina down with a slam to the mat, followed by another unsuccessful pin attempt. Melina then fought back with an eye rake and a reverse neckbreaker before going for her a pin attempt of her own.

Melina then dragged Candice to her feet and threw her to the ropes. Candice ducked a clothesline, and then came back hard with her spinning wheel kick for the three count and the win, thus making her the new Women's champion!

It was an impressive match and an impressive victory, but the real question is now whether Candice has the goods to be able to defend her recently acquired title against the rest of the division. I guess we may begin to find out after tonight's RAW.

WWE's Newly Signed Diva Louise Glover

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I've just stumbled across news that a UK glamour model by the name of Louise Glover recently posted a rather clumsy statement on her Myspace page alleging that she has just signed a contract with the WWE as a Diva. Any reference to this original post has since been removed, and the WWE has yet to make any form of official statement on the matter. If the rumours are true and she has signed, then I can't help but feel that the WWE have yet again just hired someone based on their looks rather than their wrestling ability. They've let decent female wrestlers like Trinity go recently, and they've also lost girls such as Ariel who only seemed to have been hired on T & A grounds. Quite how hiring a model off the backs of these two firings furthers women's wrestling in the WWE is beyond me. Hopefully Miss Glover will prove us all wrong and do a Candice, but I can't say that I'm too confident lightning will strike twice in this way.

Season 2 of American Gladiators Premiere’s Tonight


Here we go Gladiator fans, tonight on NBC at 7p.m. central time American Gladiators returns for Season 2 with a two-hour premiere that’s been advertised as bigger and better. This season NBC has moved the show to the L.A. Sports Arena, added seven new events, added eight new Gladiators including PhoenixJetRocket and The Beast, a 7 foot-tall Gladiator putting 6′8″ Justice to shame. This season there will be 20 male and 20 female contenders competing for the $100,000 prize money.

The two-hour premiere kicks off with single mom and black belt Melissa Trinidad going up against firefighter and Chernobyl survivor Elena Maskalik. For the men we have grocery store owner Toby Gordin going up against carpenter Randee Haynes.

The second hour of the show features Para-Olympian John Sciliano battling special education teacher Gerry Garcia. On the women’s side we have Air Force Major Vanessa Warren going up against bartender Nikki Key.

With all the new location of the show, events and Gladiators this is shaping up to be another big season. Make sure to watch on NBC at 7p.m. central.

Local Melissa Trinidad on 'American Gladiators

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Bloodthirsty Tampa Bay TV viewers will have not only Hulk Hogan to look forward to upon the return of American Gladiators on Monday, but a local contestant, as well. Melissa Trinidad is a 30-year-old children's martial arts instructor from Brandon who will be testing her mettle on the show's season premiere.

According to NBC, Trinidad is certified black belt and single mom, which probably comes in handy at some point. She'll be tough to see onscreen, however, since she's a mere 5-foot-1. Up until now the only person we've had to root for is Atlantic Beach native Whitney on the CW's America's Next Top Model (who's in the top three), so it'll be fun to see another Floridian kick some butt.

Mary-Kate Olsen might be an Emmy contender


In a turn of events that belongs under the definition of "didn't see that coming," Mary-Kate Olsen's name is being tossed around as Emmy fodder for her extended stay on the Showtime comedy Weeds.

The L.A. Times says the network will be putting up hundreds of dollars to enter her in a multi-round nominating process, which involves a popular vote by academy members to winnow the field to 10 finalists, then submitting a sample episode for consideration.

Olsen starred in 10 of this season's 15 episodes as druggie member of the god squad who has the hots for Hunter Parrish's character Silas. That stunt-casting sure goes a long way, doesn't it?


Britney Spears talking dirty to Kevin Federline

Star says Britney Spears has taken to having regular phone chats with ex-husband Kevin Federline. Phone sex chats, that is. Apparently she picked up the phone during one sleepless night to talk about Sean and Jayden when the talk took a turn. Now it’s a regular thing.

“They have phone sex often — at least once a week,” a source says. “The one thing those two have in common is their need for sex, and after they get going, there are no holds barred.” Time to block numbers!

WWE Superstar's Girlfriend in Sex Scandal - In TNA Wrestling!


WWE superstar Gregory "Don't Call Me Hurricane" Helms' girlfriend is at the center of pro wrestling's latest scandal, as TNA Knockout Velvet Sky's past has come back to haunt her. Formerly known as Northeast Independent wrestling standout "Talia Madison," the spicy new addition to TNA's ever-growing women's roster has fallen victim to her own celebritydom.
According to leading pro wrestling news site Wrestling News Desk.com, Talia/Velvet's photo appears on the promotional material for a women's professional wrestling pay per view entitled "Wet Wrestling: Naughty Schoolgirl Food Fight." The event is scheduled to start on InDemand pay per view next week. The advertisement also features now-retired Indpendent musclular wrestling femme fatale April Hunter. According to Wrestling News Desk associate editor Dan Bristow, the event was taped sometime in 2006.

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Carmen Electra's nude wrestling scandal!

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Look, it's not like we sit around all day Googling "Carmen Electra" and "naked wrestling," all right? But when a story drops that somehow manages to combine the two, well, we’re duty-bound to report on it. According to E! Online, Electra is suing something called the Naked Women's Wrestling League for breach of contract and unfair business practices, alleging that she never received the bulk of a promised $400,000 payday and a cut of DVD sales from four pay-per-view hosting appearances. Electra's lawyers say the use of her name and photos to promote such DVD titles as Operation Naked Storm, Bush vs. Hussein, Tag Team Dream and Twin Peaks equate to $3.3-million in compensatory damages, plus attorney’s fees. The NWWL says Carmen’s full of it. (Memo to The Juice*’s editors: We believe this story merits further inquiry. Many, many hours of inquiry.)

(Yes, that's an image of Carmen Electra playing Guitar Hero III. If we can't show you a naked Carmen Electra photo, that's probably the next-best thing.)

Ashley Massaro

Ashley seems to handling the potential case of mistaken identity well. Here’s her latest post via MySpace:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Canadia, Fave songs, top friends, and Ronny :o)

Damn…all I can say is wow. Youys are mega supportive and I friggin love you for it. I consider everyone of you a friend and appreciate every last single message and believe me i’ve read them all you guys ROCK!!!!! HARD!!!!!

So thanks for that. Seriously. I love you.

So, Raw was awesome, Mickie won her match, we got to go back to good old T-town AND I got to see Trish!! I missed her!! She looked great as always! Then a bunch of us got together after the show and went to eat and go out in Toronto and had a BLAST. We all had such a great time. Thanks going out to Tod G! So thats it for now, anybody going to the shows in Michigan this weekend??? You may just find one A. Massaro lurking around those parts….hehe. K post again soon!

Thanks guys!!!!!! Love ya!!


Jessica Alba’s Nipples Say Hello


They also want you to see that they’re hard and ready for mommyhood. They’re a friendly lot. Ever since she got sperminated, Jess has ditched the bra. It’s her consolation prize for bringing a new life into this world. She’s so hawt. I can’t wait for her baby to get here already.

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Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons is a nonsinging diva. That’s why she has a contract rider, like the ones used on concert tours, for personal appearances. “She demands that someone stand by and refill her champagne glass whenever it gets below one inch, that the water is Fiji only and that the place provide fans that blow on her in case it gets hot

Why Is She Famous


Joy Giovanni made a name for herself as a WWE Diva, a fit model who paraded around the ring teasing live and TV audiences everywhere. She also competed in the 2004 Lingerie Bowl and appeared as a panel member for G4's beauty pageant series